some_textC’mon now, I’m pretty sure if i had the power to transport the entire city of Dalaran to a totally different, far away continent, I doubt very much I would need to charge 250 gold for a simple train set.  Which school of magic taught you about 800% markups? And what person in their right mind would pay that much knowing that you also sell a device which destroys the train set?

Is your store called Wonderworks because people wonder just how much you are charging for labor in this price? Its certainly not materials cost, this is wood! Are you charging for the enchantment that keeps it going? I can find a guy right now who sells cosmic essence for copper on the gold. COPPER ON THE GOLD.

Whatever. You may have gotten away with this price for two years but this is one goblin who’ll not be taken in by your scheming Kirin Tor ways.

Huh? You’ll give it to me for 50g? Oh, I don’t even want the train set. Thanks though.