Wanna-be-Taintedsoul asks:

Hi Gamon Knows, I’ve recently decided to reroll a warlock on a different server, only problem is, my preffered name(Taintedsoul) is taken. Should I use a special character to get it?”

some_textHolyvèngnce – Wow, can I first say how dark and cool your name is? Like when I think of it I just think, man, what a name. Im blown away and pretty jealous. What do you think of my name? I think its really good. Now, getting onto your question, I think I speak for the entire wow community when I say that special characters are totally awesome, and are not annoying at all.

Character names are important, they are your first impression maker on people and thats been shown time and time again to be pretty important in how a person perceives you. If you have a dumb name then people will think you are dumb. If I could be so bold as to say that our names, taintedsoul and holyvengeance would confer that we are awesome, creative, deep people with a great understanding the classes we play.

Some people seem to think that a special character burdens other people when trying to invite us to parties or guilds. These players are just jealous of our names, and thats why they react negatively to our special characters. Well, thats their problem isn’t it, they were clearly not creative enough to think of a name as good as taintedsoul. It is not strange at all to have a name so important to us that we go out of our way to get it, and in doing so, burden other players who interact with us.

Its also important to remember that everyone took High School Spanish or French, and everyone who took High School Spanish or French paid 100% attention the whole time and as such remembers perfectly the alt-codes needed for, say, an n with a tilde.  So there’s a good chance that like 90% of the population already knows the codes.

When I am orchestrating carnage on the battlefield, I want people to remember my name. Theyll be like ‘wow, that guy WAS holy vengeance, he is so cool.” Who could respect a name like, say, ‘Dramyst’ or ‘Gamon.’ I mean what are those names anyway? Their nothing! Their names not cool statements! Character names should not be names but cool statements instead. Statements that are so cool in fact that we MUST have them.

Besides if someone actually cares enough about your character name to mock you, then they are pretty sad.