Cataclysmic event somehow improves just about everything

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some_textOrgrimmar, KALIMDOR – For weeks we were warned that the elements would remake Azeroth. There were rumors that Deathwing would emerge and torch the world. Some even said that the seas themselves would open up and present new dangers to the Horde and Alliance. Well whatever the cause, thank you and more please!  More


Thrall asks Garrosh to forward mail, to water houseplants, and to not completely overhaul Orgrimmar.

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some_textGrommash Hold, DUROTAR – Glorious and wise warcheif Thrall has made only a few requests for young Garrosh. Simple things like watering the hold plants, collecting the mail, turning lights on and off to make it look like someone is living there…. oh and not overhaul the entire city, which seemed to surprise Garrosh. More

‘Everything in Orgrimmar that way,’ report helpful signs at city’s entrance

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Brogoh is our Horde correspondent, to learn more about Brogoh, you can click here

ORGRIMMAR – Two sign posts at the entrance of Orgrimmar readily inform visitors that everything in the city is in the city. The signs were added despite there being really no other way to go upon entering Orgrimmar. More

Nobody really sure if Undercity is celebrating Hallows End

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Brogoh is our Horde News guy, he pretty cool.

UNDERCITY – “There’s some orange lights hanging over there, but I don’t remember if thats always been there or not,” reported one player, who went on to say “there’s a banshee for a banker over there, and some bats fly by, but I think that the banshee is always there, the bats I don’t know.” More