some_textBlizzards GMs have seemingly had enough of their mandatory acting, and as such,  players have noticed a dramatic slip in the quality of their roleplaying. Said one GM “You look in your pants and im there baby.”

For the last nearly six years any correspondence between wow’s game masters and players that takes place in game has required the GM to roleplay, a rule that many employees seem to dislike.  The chats often start with a simple bit of non-dialogue RP, such as a shadowy figure arriving or someone appearing through a dense fog or mystic bit of smoke. Followed then by the GM introducing themselves.

However lately, many seem to have lost the will. “My GM asked if i was female in real life then asked if I was hot,” said one player. Another player reported, “he said he was thrall and he was gonna bitchslap me for being alliance, it didn’t really make a lot of sense.”

Despite the threat of violence, many players reported being more upset that the GMs seemed to lack a basic knowledge of the character or creature they were roleplaying as. One GM allegedly said that he was a murloc, but he clearly had mistaken them for warlocks, “I’m gonna shadowbolt you if you dont delete your wtf folder, murgle gurgle.”

But overall many GMs today are just lazier. One prominent example was GM Lyprand, who in addition to the whoppers in the screenshots above, also once roleplayed as a Warhammer GM. “Waaaaaaaaaagh what do you need?” When players emailed their feedback to blizzard, having to look the address up on their own as he did not include it as required, they were sent a reply stating that ‘we at Blizzard appreciate all your feedback, but seriously, we’re pretty busy right now.’