some_textZul’Gurub – STRANGLETHORN VALE – Players are running out of time if they want to pretend like they have a chance of getting one of these two mounts. The raid instance version of Zul’Gurub will be removed in Cataclysm, which means players will never again get a chance to see these mounts never drop.

The mounts are inherently special because they give the alliance the ability to ride a raptor, and the horde the ability to ride a tiger, mounts that are unavailable anywhere else to their faction. They will also join a small number of mounts that will no longer be obtainable, including the original epic land mounts and the Amani Warbear.  Its for these reasons that being able to not see them drop is so important to many players.

Few people are unmoved when hearing tales of endless but fruitless farming, and among those stories that elicit the most sympathy are the retellings of the number of times you killed the raptor and tiger boss in ZG, and we’re not rewarded with a less then 1% drop.  If players want the tiny amount of sympathy mostly careless guildy’s bestow upon them, they’ll have only a small amount of time to build up the number of their unsuccessful attempts.

Of course its never too late, with give or take 11-12 lockouts remaining, your number of ‘literally’ attempts could climb by as much as 44-48. This is because the formula for determining how much you exaggerate your actual attempts is: ‘literally’ + (actual # of attempts)*4.

The fact that many players with unique mounts change mains and never get to use them, and Blizzard’s recent ‘nothing is sacred’ stance on things like old pvp titles is of no comfort to players wasting their time in ZG these days.

So enjoy not seeing these mounts drop for the last time folks, because the fun of not getting them won’t be around forever.