New 0-person raids for players so casual they don’t even play WoW

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Blizzard today was proud to announce its decision to include new zero-player raids for people who don’t play World of Warcraft. More


140,000 characters lost as nighttime janitor trips over plug at data center

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New York, New York – Players on the Nightfall, Retaliation, and Stormstrike battlegroups were pretty bummed today when Blizzard announced that all of their characters had been permanently lost due to a clumsy janitor. More

Tips for raiding Lord Marrowgar while on a bad acid trip

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Icecrown – Marrowgar has 4 mostly bone-themed normal abilities(Bone Spike, Bone Storm, Bone Slice, and Cold Flame) and 4 additional abilities while absolutely tripping balls on acid (OH GOD HES EATING MY HEAD, This otter will show me the way to his homeland!, blue is delicious, and HOW DID I GET INSIDE THAT MIRROR?).  More