some_textIrving, California – Today Blizzard rewarded its employees for all their hard work on Cataclysm and Blizzcon, with a nice family picnic… unfortunately, somebody let the developers grill. Questions about the readiness of the food where answered only with “when they’re ready,” and “soon.”A line began forming behind the grill at approximately 1:30 PM, a full half hour after the start time, at which point people assumed the food would be ready. But hungry Blizzard employees it seems, in a cruel twist of fate, would be treated to a taste of their own medicine.

“I’m starving!” yelled an angry Diane Miltonburg from the back of the line. “Its been like 4 hours! Its getting dark!” she went on to say. Diane, an accountant for Blizzard, said she was first excited when they announced the picnic. “I was looking foreward to all of my coworker buddies finally getting to meet my husband and children,” she said “but people are starting to leave because they are hungry.”

An In-and-Out Burger across the street reported a minor uptick in business around the 3:00 o’clock hour, observing that many of the patrons had been attending a picnic just outside the restaurant. “We had a good ten to twelve people more then normal, ” reported a man whose name-tag identified him only as Paul.

Blizzard first announced the hotdogs in a company wide memo, informing its employees of the picnic a full 6 months beforehand.

After most employees had left, the grilling developers announced that it would take another 2-3 weeks before they were satisfied with the quality of the hotdogs.

Betsy Finn is our Blizzard reporter.