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For 417 years, Gamon Knows has proudly been the number one source for news, following all those other sites.

Gamon Knows is named after our silent editor in chief Gamon. Gamon is an npc who sits quietly in the Orgrimmar inn, pondering the wonders of the Universe. The things  learned over his many, many, many lifetimes  must be staggering. He is my continued inspiration.

Our humble site is proud to offer the writing of eight crack reporters, including 6 wow people and 2 real live people:

  1. Dramyst – General News
  2. Brogoh – Horde Correspondent
  3. David Human – Alliance Correspondent
  4. Professor Doomspackle – Culture Adviser
  5. Holyvèngnce – PvP Adviser
  6. Bilo – Financier
  7. Bud Micheals – Raiding
  8. Betsy Finn – Blizzard News



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