15 former core raiders waiting awkwardly for invites outside Blackwing Descent

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some_textBlackwing Descent, BLACKWING MOUNTAIN – “Have invites gone out yet?” – yes they have cutthrot, yes they have. More


Ask Gamon Knows: The Old Gods speculation

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Booklearned asks,

Now Gamon Knows, the Old Gods are based on a series of books by H.P. Lovecraft. Don’t believe me? You can see for yourself on wikipedia. I am so smart and clever for noticing the connection first, (I first pointed it out when cthun was released, me). Now I don’t how much you’d be able to help, but a friend of mine and I are having an arguement. He seems to think that Yogg-Saron is based on the Outer God Yog-Sothoth, but I think he is actually based on Shub-Niggurath. Thoughts?

some_textHmmm…. have you ever considered finding a woman? More

Blizzard finally finishes World of Warcraft after six damn years

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some_textWÓRLDWIDE- So yes, it is finished now. The game I thought I had in the backseat of my car on release night is finally here, and all I had to do was pay THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AND WAIT SIX DAMN YEARS. More

Magical broom has a lot of work ahead of it

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Valley of the Watchers, TANARIS – One broom, one desert, one mission.  More

Man scrambles for camera phone as authenticator reads ‘123456’

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some_textPortland, OREGONE – A man eager to log on and continue leveling his druid won the authenticator lottery yesterday when his authenticator printed out ‘123456.’ He attempted to take a picture of it with his phone but was unable to get it ready by the time the number changed. The above picture is a photo-shopped version of what it might have looked like. More

Cataclysmic event somehow improves just about everything

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some_textOrgrimmar, KALIMDOR – For weeks we were warned that the elements would remake Azeroth. There were rumors that Deathwing would emerge and torch the world. Some even said that the seas themselves would open up and present new dangers to the Horde and Alliance. Well whatever the cause, thank you and more please!  More

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