some_textHopefully you aren’t silly enough to fall for the obvious phishing attempts of keyloggers these days, because if you are, they’ll be violating more then just your wow account. They’ll be violating your privacy as well. It seems keyloggers are more desperate then ever, a possible symptom of the increased account security provided by authenticators, OR, they are perverts. Either way many players are starting to receive emails from someone claiming to be Blizzard Entertainment that ask the questions that they just aren’t comfortable answering.

“Blizzard will never ask for your full medical history…” CM Vrakthris reiterated on the costumer service forums today, “nor will we want to know how many sexual partners you’ve had in the last eight months.” But that did little to quell the outcry from victims. “Now not only do they have the information necessary to hack my account, but they also know at what age I lost my first tooth, AND my favorite sexual position,” said one player who wished to remain anonymous but for some reason also told me his social security number.

For their part, Blizzard has been very active in trying to counter the keyloggers. Just last week they announced a new security plan where whenever a player tries to log in, CEO Mike Morhaime arrives at their door to check their drivers license.