AH Yeah: Buy up property in The Park district of Stormwind

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some_text Greetings, my name is Bilo and welcome to my column “A.H. Yeah” your guide to making big gold and dominating the Auction House. This week, I’ve noticed a massive drop in property values in the Park section of Stormwind! People are selling their properties like they are about to be destroyed or something! Of course that’s ridiculous! And remember, insurance is for suckers. More


Commentary: If you can move an entire city to another continent, then im pretty sure you can come down on the price of this train set

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some_textC’mon now, I’m pretty sure if i had the power to transport the entire city of Dalaran to a totally different, far away continent, I doubt very much I would need to charge 250 gold for a simple train set.  Which school of magic taught you about 800% markups? More