Magical broom has a lot of work ahead of it

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Valley of the Watchers, TANARIS – One broom, one desert, one mission.  More


Brand new Cataclysm zone revealed: Desolace.

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some_textDesolace will be a brand new zone launched presumably with the Cataclysm expansion. Among the many things you can do is participate in the skirmishes of two warring centaur factions… where YOU get to pick the side you are on! Blizzard is really stretching their creative muscles for this expansion!  More

‘Everything in Orgrimmar that way,’ report helpful signs at city’s entrance

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Brogoh is our Horde correspondent, to learn more about Brogoh, you can click here

ORGRIMMAR – Two sign posts at the entrance of Orgrimmar readily inform visitors that everything in the city is in the city. The signs were added despite there being really no other way to go upon entering Orgrimmar. More

Travel: Enjoy family-friendly camping in the Hillsbrad Foothills!

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Gentle Doomspackle covers the great culture in fair Azeroth, you can learn more about him here

Hillsbrad Foothills – I know just your type; you’re a veteran dad who finally realized that his kids are growing up right before his very own eyes. Well don’t panic, there’s still time for one last, and i mean last, family vacation! More

Maelstrom swirls in opposite direction on Oceanic servers

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MAELSTROM – Similar to bath tubs and toilets down under, it would appear that the maelstrom also swirls in the opposite direction on Oceanic servers. In my professional opinion, its got something to do with magnets. Will the mystery of magnets ever be undone? Unlikely.