some_textBlackwing Descent, BLACKWING MOUNTAIN – “Have invites gone out yet?” – yes they have cutthrot, yes they have.

And unfortunately for you, it seems you were deemed too weak and feeble to raid with your groups elite. You are an Orgrimmar grunt to their Kor’kron elite.

Your guild has decided to raid only the ten man versions of the raids in this expansion, that means you’re out. Where I come from, (err, stormwind)  one would kill oneself to save his family the shame, but I suppose times have changed.  You could look for a new raiding troop but chances are you won’t find one as good as the one you just humiliatingly waited 35 minutes for an invite from while they raided completely unsympathetic to your plight.

And all that time you spent while leveling up, contributing to their guild level, and talking about how excited you were to raid in the new expansion. Perhaps I was wrong, you may have a right to challenge your old leader to a duel the death. Surely the Stormwind warchief would honor such a request, for your honor has been besmirched.

And you must seek vengeance against Blizzard, this is partly their fault for catering to smaller raid groups. Perhaps make an angry post on the forums, I don’t believe that that has ever been done.

If you have trouble finding a new home, you could faction change. The Horde is always looking for weak and feeble members to die at Hellscreams hand for under-performance. He takes those horns of his shoulders and stabs people with them, err, so I’ve heard anyway. Speaking of which, if I don’t come up with some primo alliance intelligence info I could be executed there next to you!

Err wait no, hah, why would that happen. Thats silly. Go away.