some_textWuhan, CHINA – “Wow seriously? 12 gold? In this day and age you have 12 gold?” Xin Lupang was overheard lamenting in Chinese by his coworkers. “This is beyond a dud, for this amount of /played, just sad really.”

Xin Lupang, one of the top keyloggers in his group, may have uncovered the saddest account he’s ever seen, yours. “Wow no kingslayer, good job, thats like really hard and all.” And even though it means he won’t be receiving hardly anything valuable from your account, he seems destined to take away a quiet amusement from it all. “Sometimes you just gotta laugh at your luck, and at other peoples accounts.”

Xin noted that despite the player having accumulated over 300 days played he had yet to accomplish anything significant in any way. “He has 4000 achievement points on his main, like seriously. All pvp gear to, I think im just gonna delete this character out of mercy.”

Even for someone with a case of alt-itis, Xin says your account is still sad and pathetic compared to some of the ones he hacked. “Yesterday I hacked someone with 20k gold, thats not the most obviously, but its still a good haul for us. I don’t know how in the age of dailys you only have 12 gold, but its more discouraging then the state of our human rights.”

Xin went on to point out that World of Warcraft is a generally easy game, especially to make money in, and if you can’t even do that then your shortcomings likely extend to real life.

I asked Xin if your account brought great shame to your family but he said I was being racist… but then later agreed that yes, in this case, it is really a shame upon you family. “I’m not even saying this because our culture used to be all about honoring your family, im saying this because their account shames everything and everyone around them.”

Xin decided not to delete the characters. He took what few valuables you had and then specced and glyphed your toons correctly before logging off. “Maybe my act of kindness will shed a new light on us keyloggers, that yeah we violate accounts, but also we are people.”

You can go ahead and contact a GM now about having your account restored, but Xin recommends that you just start over.