some_textPortland, OREGONE – A man eager to log on and continue leveling his druid won the authenticator lottery yesterday when his authenticator printed out ‘123456.’ He attempted to take a picture of it with his phone but was unable to get it ready by the time the number changed. The above picture is a photo-shopped version of what it might have looked like.

The man, Greg Bortsen of the greater Portland area  said he was going to try to level his druid into the 30’s with exactly 1 hour 7 minutes of free time that he had acquired from his wife by spending some token time with his children in front of the TV. Thats when his world got flipped upside-down.  “I sat down to log on, entered the info. I have the authenticator box showing on the log in screen but for some reason I always just enter my password and wait for the pop up box to enter authenticator number. Thats when I saw the code”

Mr. Bortsen says he starred dumbfounded for several moments before reaching for his camera phone. It was turned off so he had to wait for it to boot up, then activate the camera which also took several seconds. By the time it was ready to go, it was too late. “I was really upset, I didn’t know if anyone would believe me.”

Upon hearing the news, the community was reminded of Ted Multen of Helena Montana, who’s claimed ‘111111’ code later turned out to be a hoax.  Players were therefor not so eager to take Greg for his word, “why should we believe this clown when we’ve been so wronged in the past,” wrote one skeptical forum goer.

But Greg knows he won’t get the recognition for his ‘123456’ authenticator code, also known as the ‘authenticator straight.’ “No one is going to believe me, I’ve accepted it an I’m moving on.” he said. With almost 12 million players, many of whom own authenticators, its almost certain that the number has popped up before, but just who the lucky players are has remained a mystery. Some theorize that such people purposefully choose to remain anonymous to avoid the limelight. Said one researcher who has studied glorious authenticator numbers “Its a great moment, but also a testing one. Old friends come out of the woodwork looking to piggyback on your success, theres media coverage, and  of course tabloids. It wouldn’t surprise me if fellow authenticator straight or six-of-a-kinders have chosen to remain anonymous.”

Gregs wife declined to comment initially, but later released a statement that Greg was a loser and hasn’t yet fixed the backdoor.