some_textOrgrimmar, KALIMDOR – For weeks we were warned that the elements would remake Azeroth. There were rumors that Deathwing would emerge and torch the world. Some even said that the seas themselves would open up and present new dangers to the Horde and Alliance. Well whatever the cause, thank you and more please! 

I may just be a simple orc, but let me tell you I was moved to tears as the renovations to our beloved Orgrimmar were completed yesterday after 15 hours, a full 3 years ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend whatever contractors young Garrosh hired; was Deathwing Decors the name? Elemental Interiors? I don’t remember. Yeah he’s a touch racist, and he accidentally killed Cairne Bloodhoof and angered our troll allies to the point of leaving, but I mean, look at this place. In just one day hes accomplished more then Thrall did in six years, and Thrall saved the whole damn world about a decade ago. I mean, how lucky are we the glorious Horde to have such fantastic warchiefs?

And somehow, even though Camp Taurajo and Freewind Post have been destroyed and war-torn, I still much prefer them to their old states. Whatever cataclysmic force was behind the earthquakes and elemental invasion is okay in my book. Talk about a place that needed some color, Desolace. And if there’s two spots that could have used a flood its Tanaris and Thousand Needles. That destructive force is the best thing to have ever happened to the Horde.

I also have a source in the Alliance that says things went okay for them as well. Rumor has it Malfurion Stormrage has returned! You’ll recall him playing a minor part when Thrall killed Archimonde. Hmmm? No I’m pretty sure thats how it went. So he’s okay in my book.

Now I hear tale of Thrall meeting a nice orc woman in Nagrand, one of those Maghar. Now, this is all hypothetical, but say shes like, Grom Hellscreams sister or something. I know Im just saying hypothetical. Now if her and Thrall make thunder and have a child, that child would have the blood of Grom and Thrall! Not too mention the blood of Thralls father Durotan. Could you imagine? Nobody could stop that kid.

Well whatever. We killed the Lich King, we got sweeping massive improvements across the board to our homeland. Let the good times roll! Thanks “destructive” cataclysm! Keep it coming!