some_text Greetings, my name is Bilo and welcome to my column “A.H. Yeah” your guide to making big gold and dominating the Auction House. This week, I’ve noticed a massive drop in property values in the Park section of Stormwind! People are selling their properties like they are about to be destroyed or something! Of course that’s ridiculous! And remember, insurance is for suckers.

The park district of Stormwind is an absolute beauty, and right now prices are dropping so fast there that almost anyone can own! Turning a tidy profit on these properties will be easier then shooting fish in a moonwell! Which as it turns out isn’t all that easy and frowned upon by Night Elves. Also there are no fish in moonwells, but there are great deals on property in the Park, which has a moonwell. So as you can see things are pretty connected here, we’ve got a very cohesive situation, and it means stacks of gold for the savvy investor.

Now never-mind this recent elemental invasion and talk of impending catastrophe. So what if its true? Then you’re dead anyway. Now I was around for the zombie invasion and I made a fortune selling zombie repellent spray and that turned out to be huge profits although I didn’t have a lot of repeat costumers for my elemental repellent spray, but that’s not because they were unhappy with my product that just because most of them were dead.

So don’t let this little cult fad get you down on the prospect of owning your very own condo in the park. Its peaceful, close to nature, you can purify felcloth right outside your front door. Whats not to love really? Lots of night elves means you’re never to far from someone who can tell you when the lunar festival is this year. Speaking of that! It will be right outside your house, a great view of the fireworks!

But for those of you hardened investors not looking to stay but sell for massive gold, then let me tell you this place is ripe for a quick flip. The only flaw seems to be that none of the doors open and the windows are painted solid yellow for some odd reason. Quick fixes I should say!

So stop being an observer and start dominating the markets on the front line my friend! Goblin up and get in while the goings good! You won’t be sorry!

-Bilo is our financial adviser, you can learn more about Bilo here.