some_textBoulder, COLORADO – Sometimes wow and real life intersect in the wackiest ways. Meet Dave Wickers, a ‘real-life Mankrik’ who, instead of searching for his missing wife Brenda, has asked others to do it for him.  The situation is creepily similar to that of Mankrik and his missing wife Olgra.

Dave’s got a missing wife, and so does Mankrik. Dave is perfectly capable of searching for his wife, and so is Mankrik. WoW isn’t real right? And yet, in this goofy cornucopia we call life, we have on our hands a silly coincidence.

File it under human interest or fluff piece if you want, but when I first heard about Dave’s incomprehensible decision to not look for his missing wife, I couldn’t help but feel like I was part of a giant inside joke.

For those unfamiliar, in the Crossroads of the Barrens, you meet a former Burning Blade blademaster (thats right, a blademaster of the Burning Blade, a seriously kickass guy) who, despite being well enough to walk and talk, asks YOU to look for his missing wife. Many players burst out laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

Thankfully, Brenda did turn up unharmed at her mothers, apparently having second thoughts about her prior decision to marry Dave. Many that participated in the searches were frustrated but relieved that she was okay. Its one difference from the in-game version of Dave, who players have to inform of his wife’s demise.

Dave has said that had things turned out for the worst, he too like Mankrik would have waited five years to retrieve and bury her body.