Ironforge, DUN MOROGH – “Haaaaaaaaaaappy birthday to youuuuu, happy birthday to youuuu, happy BIRTHday dear GM tickettttttttttt, Haaaaaappy birthday to youuuuuuu.” And so it was that Dwarf Warrior Makeubleed celebrated with blood and thunder the first birthday of his GM ticket. “Hard to believe its been a whole year,” he said. 

Indeed it had been a long time since Makeubleed first reported the bugged quest in the Howling Fjord. “The guy I needed wasn’t there, he wouldn’t spawn,” he said. “But as time went on, I think that it got fixed in a patch, but by that time my ticket had become part of the family, I just couldn’t delete him.”

The dwarfs bug report ticket has become the first one to eclipse an entire year, having originally been made last year on November 5th.  In this Humans opinion, thats crazier then trolls… err gnomes when they drink…. the gnome mojo equivalent. To wait an entire year just to speak with a GM!

The problem is a highlight of the bogged down Gm ticketing system where waits often exceed two weeks, longer then the time it takes to deforest an acre of Ashenvale… I assume. The problem only exacerbated by frequent hackings and bot reportings.

In this reporters opinion, its high time Blizzard do something. For their part, Blizzard has announced a new system for helping players with problems. Under the new system, a player who submits a question or request will automatically begin chatting with another player who has submitted a ticket, in the hopes that they can help each other.

David Human is our Alliance correspondent.