some_textStranglethorn Vale – A completely undiscovered Warcraft: Orcs and Humans civilization has been discovered by explorers in the Stranglethorn Vale. The 2-dimensional Orc community has been operating autonomously, still under the impression that their comrades had lost the First War.

The community consisted of one catapult, two peons, a spearman, a necrolyte,  a warlock, a grunt, and a wolf raider. It also featured a town hall, farm, barracks, kennel, blacksmith, and lumber mill.

The transition from 2 to 3 dimensions is said to be a tough one, but perhaps not the biggest hardship that the discovered peoples will face. Officials will now have to explain to them what a ‘retcon’ is, as much of the Warcraft 1 lore has been changed or deleted.  For example the orcs will have to wrap their heads around the fact that some mystic force changed the outcome of the First War, and that orcs had actually won. They will also have to figure out how the swamp of sorrows is now above the black morass(blasted lands) instead of below.

The shocking discovery has led to questions about the possibility of more uncontacted civilizations hiding from the world in dense, thick jungle. Perhaps most disturbingly, Deathwing has not been seen since Warcraft 2, and lets hope he never resurfaces.