some_textGrommash Hold, DUROTAR – Glorious and wise warcheif Thrall has made only a few requests for young Garrosh. Simple things like watering the hold plants, collecting the mail, turning lights on and off to make it look like someone is living there…. oh and not overhaul the entire city, which seemed to surprise Garrosh.

Thralls Azeroth-wide famous collection of cacti will be in good hands when he makes his trip to Nagrand to commune with the elements. Garrosh and the warchief spent a good two hours today covering the specific needs of each plant. At Thrall’s request, Garrosh took notes and scribbled furiously as Thrall passionately spilled his extensive knowledge of cacti and other houseplants.

Another interesting, and seemingly odd request of Thralls was that Hellscream not completely overhaul the city. “Yeah so there’s a spare key under the mat, and thats pretty much it,” said Thrall. “Oh and just one thing, don’t completely change the layout and appearance of the entire city.” When Garrosh heard the request he looked momentarily confused, as if he had never thought of doing such a thing. But eventually a smile broke across his face and he agreed to the warchiefs conditions. “Of course warchief! I would never do such a thing.”

Under Garrosh Hellscream, the Horde will be as strong as ever. Orgrimmar has never faced as big a  threat as the elements pose to it now, and Thrall has never left Grommash Hold until now…. errr, not saying anything by that, just reporting is all. They are definitely unrelated………….. FOR THE HORDE