some_textAzeroth – It now seems as though the warriors of the Horde and Alliance have made a grave mistake. The elementals that were first thought to be the start of an invasion, are instead simply showing how proud they are to be who they are. These fire elementals are flaming in more then one way.

Early reports from around the world were frightening. The elements were furious they said, and they had sent their avatars to destroy the mortal plane of existence. The races of the world responded predictably, in force, destroying wave after wave of elementals as they spilled forth from their respective home dimensions.

But questions were raised as the elementals seemed uninterested in fighting back, and even unprepared and surprised at the violence that they were met with. After several uncontested slaughterings, many fighters began to wonder what exactly this sudden increase in elemental warriors meant. At last, the miscommunication was eventually cleared up, and now instead of being greeted with hostility, the proud elementals are met with confetti.

“I can see how many would have thought this an invasion force,” said Floaty Burningface, a large fire elemental spawned in the Searing Gorge, “… I mean, now that I think about it, yeah, I can totally see how this could be frightening for you pathetic mortals. But our intentions here are not violent, we wish only to colorfully display how proud we are to be elemental, and what better way to do it then with a massive series of parades all around the continents?”

Once the people of Azeroth realized their mistake, they were quick to apologize. “Oh wow,” said warlock Darktoch, who went on to say “I had no idea, I totally regret slaughtering literally hundreds if not thousands of their number.”

Varian and Thrall were quick to ask the elementals to next time request a parade permit beforehand.