Anonymous asks,

“I play a human mage and recently a lot of my good in game friends have transferred to Horde for better pvp among  other things, should I follow them?”


David Human: Lok’Tar hello fellow human.  Before I answer, did you happen to witness the latest… horse fight? When the loser thrust his spear from the back of the horse I thought the winner would lose for sure, but he came back and is truly emblematic of the human spirit. What did you think of their decision to not execute the loser for his weakness? I was surprised. Getting back to your question, yes, indeed many of our ranks have defected to the Horde. Personally I could never leave the alliance behind. I would miss our kinship with the Elves, my fellow humans, and the shorter humans, and also the super short, baby sized humans. You know the ones I’m talking about right? The ones that are the size children but have fully developed brains able to conjure up vital technological advances for our faction? Yes, haha, I could not live without them on my side.

Now the fact that your friends have defected is saddening. I am sure that you miss socializing with them, but, wouldn’t you also miss walking amongst the magical Elf city of Darnass? Yes I know i would, and sitting on the beaches of quiet Lake Everspill in the Redrange Mountains?

Have you considered possibly that your friends haven’t defected at all and that you are mistaken? I remember once not too long ago that suddenly these elves showed up and I was going to plunge my war-axe deep in their chest and was then told that they were actually part of the…Alliance… now.  So maybe its possible that you are just confused. I hope for your sake that you are not because you will have to live with them forever, unless you volunteer for like a dangerous undercover mission or something.

So anonymous, I recommend that you do not change factions just yet, because Alliance are cool and you should stay. I hope you found this helpful!

-David Human