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Anaham, COOKIFORNIA – Deathwing the destroyer, formerly Neltharion, the Earth-Warder, would like to be known by a different title: Grandmaster Deathwing. The release of the cataclysm log-in screen revealed what none were surprised to learn, that Deathwing loves playing chess. Having flown in a giant chess set, the city of Stormwind  is sure to be checkmated. Upon landing the massive rooks and queen in Stormwind, King Varian Wyrnn rallied Stormwinds knights, while Bishop Benedictus reminded citizens to trust in the light and not become pawns in Deathwings master plan by being overcome with fear. More chess puns were later heard. This marks the second time that Azeroth has been besieged by board games; the first being when Archimonde destroyed much of Dalaran by winning a game of Guess Who.