Betsy Finn is our Blizzard correspondent, she will be covering Blizzcon on location! You can check back throughout the day for all the latest info, or at the end of the day for a wrap-up.

10:00 AM – Finally here on site, lots of people outside waiting eagerly, lots of guys checking me out, whatever, i roll like that

10:30 AM – People trickling inside, tons of anticipation.

10:50 AM – Most everyone inside now awaiting the start of the opening ceremony

11:02 AM – Its starting! I can hear music!

11:06 AM – HUGE roar from the crowd, trying to get someone to come outside to tell me what it was about

11:24 AM – still no luck getting anyone out here, everyone still attending the opening ceremony

11:34 AM -opening ceremony finally ended, some people came out for a smoke, and now i can confirm that there will be DotA for starcraft 2!

11:54 AM – no wow panels for awhile, will try to get you tidbits from diablo and starcraft panels, trying to find a way in but security is pretty tight.

12:30 PM – Dungeons and Raids panel doesn’t start for an hour. I think Ive found a ventilation shaft here at the back of the complex that i might be able to crawl into.

12:54 PM – got into ventilation shaft and crawled for a bit, first opening is male bathroom, gonna try to jump into one of the stalls like that level in Goldeneye.

1:35 PM – okay I didn’t really climb into a ventilation shaft, i toyed with the idea but they are all sealed with grates. Someone out here told me that SFK and Deadmines are coming back as heroics but thats not new and i think that guy was just being a jerk

2:43 PM – Not to worry folks, I am now across the street at a coffee shop, and lots of people from the convention are here! Stay tuned for the best second-hand reports on the web!

3:10 PM – Most people saying that there isn’t really any news coming out of Blizzcon…. which means you read it all here first!

3:30 PM – @$#% this,  I’m going home.

Tune in tomorrow for the best Blizzcon Day 2 coverage around.