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UNDERCITY – “There’s some orange lights hanging over there, but I don’t remember if thats always been there or not,” reported one player, who went on to say “there’s a banshee for a banker over there, and some bats fly by, but I think that the banshee is always there, the bats I don’t know.” For several players visiting the Undercity, it was hard to tell the difference between what could be Hallows End decorations, and what has always there. “There’s a giant Jack-O-Lantern in the old throne room, but i think thats always been there; in fact I’m quite certain I remember Arthas stepping around it to kill his father in that Warcraft 3 cinematic,” reported another player, who later hatched a plan to find the innkeeper to determine whether or not he could trick or treat, but after circling the upper ring of  Undercity three times he gave up trying to find him.