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Moa’ki Harbor – DRAGONBLIGHT – Returning home after work, Turtle Cavalry First Sergeant Ouauk’Alou was disappointed to find that, once again, his wife had prepared fish for dinner. “Fish again?” Ouauk’Alou said dejectedly, more a statement of resigned apathy then a question. “Well, what would you have me make, ALL WE HAVE ARE FISH” his wife yelled with a shrill. Ouauk’Alou eyed his wife carefully, trying to uncover the woman he had found irresistible twenty years ago under the 400 pounds of blubber she had put on since their wedding. “How about some crab, makura, or whale?” he asked quizzically. “You know how i feel about whale Alou,” she said. Yes, Ouauk knew that she was against the consumption of whale meat, a moral she seemed to forget when others prepared it for her. In truth, Ouauk knew many things, like how they only had fish every night because his wife fancied a certain fisherman in the market. Whether or not she had betrayed her vows with him, he did not know. It was on the thought of this painful subject that Ouauk was reminded of Rebecc’Uh, a Turtle Cavalry Private assigned to him for training. As Ouauk stared into his bland fish, he saw Rebecc’Uh; he saw the way her billowy eyebrows rested gently on her rubbery face as if they were feathers waiting to be plucked away by the wind; he remembered the way she dyed the tips of her whiskers pink and always smiled at him when they were together. She was so full of life and couldn’t weigh anymore then 350 pounds he figured. Ouauk remembered overhearing her once tell another female cavalry member that she was completely bristle-free from the neck down. He smiled bashfully at the thought, but was quick to hide it from his prying wife. “I think im going to bed,” his wife said. “Goodnight,” Ouauk said…. he got no response.