Icecrown – Marrowgar has 4 mostly bone-themed normal abilities(Bone Spike, Bone Storm, Bone Slice, and Cold Flame) and 4 additional abilities while absolutely tripping balls on acid (OH GOD HES EATING MY HEAD, This otter will show me the way to his homeland!, blue is delicious, and HOW DID I GET INSIDE THAT MIRROR?).  There are many sites that already deal with the first set of abilities, so let me say a few words on the LSD abilities. Firstly, he is not eating your head, calm down man, just calm down, think happy thoughts, notice that the color of the sky is changing, isn’t that cool? For the second ability, im just gonna say that you can trust that otter man, you can, seriously hes good stuff. For blue is delicious, yes it is, try hearing other colors to. Lastly, you are not inside the mirror, its okay, dont try to get in or out of the mirror because its not gonna end like you want it to. Alrighty, good luck raiders and remember consumables.