New York, New York – Players on the Nightfall, Retaliation, and Stormstrike battlegroups were pretty bummed today when Blizzard announced that all of their characters had been permanently lost due to a clumsy janitor. Blizzard apologized for the incident and announced that the janitor had thankfully not been injured seriously. One player from the Andorhal server said. “Yeah I had 653 days played on one of my characters so i was sad to see him go, but you know what? Blizzard are human and they make mistakes, and im just thankful that I got the opportunity to even play.” Another player was quoted as saying “yeah I’m a little surprised that they don’t back that information up, but I forgive them completely, its just a game.” Blizzard said it took a little while to get the servers running again because they “only have one plug in that room so we have a bunch of power strips and extension cords that were dislodged during the incident as well.”